Sharing Hugs, Hope and Hoppiness

Approaching Peacebunny Island
Huckleberry & Bandit at Peacebunny Cottage
Welcome sign at Peacebunny Island
Harris, a Giant Angora from Peacebunny Island
Daisy Peacebunny on Peacebunny Island
Huckleberry Peacebunny on a trek to Peacebunny Island
"Best Summer EVER" is what Caleb Smith says about his time on Peacebunny Island
Creampuff Peacebunny enjoying Sunset dreams on Peacebunny Island

This private 22 acre main island is a natural, sustainable oasis nestled in the Mississippi National River Recreation Area (National Park) near river mile 832 in Minnesota, USA.   

Youth guardians  care for the Comfort Rabbits in Training during their outings together to and from the island where they spend warm lazy summer days on the main island or go island hopping by boat to our nearby partner islands we call "Hope" and "Hoppiness." 

The rabbits live year round at Peacebunny Cottage  when they are not at events or at foster homes.   During warmer months we host bunny playdates in the pasture,  but our educational programs continue year round and will open again for in person activities once its safe...    


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Target Re-Opening: March 20, 2021

"My vision for Peacebunny Island started several years ago when
an endangered American Blue rabbit named Paxton Peacebunny
decided to adopt me.


I told Pax that I knew it would take a bunch of dreamers
with a pure heart to create such a special place.

And it took some work, but I found them."

Caleb Smith (2018) -- now 16 years old




Engage Youth in E-STEM Service-Learning  while training endangered/exotic breeds to become Comfort Animals

Hello from Tator Tot


Win-Win: You get a bunny visit (or a basket or a bunnypalooza!) and together we raise funds for their care


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Give a tribute donation.  Be sure to let us know the name of your loved one and/or fuzzy friend who you're honoring so we can write their name in the Island's rock garden.

Enjoy an hour with bunnies hopping in the lush pasture at Peacebunny Cottage, attend Bunny  Boot Camp, or Little Vet classes for kids.  Our events rise funds for the bunnies'  care...  Open to public once its safe again


Watch episode about Peacebunny Island on ABC's "Rock the Park" 

The Tale of Peacebunny Island, a fictional audiobook bedtime story co-authored by Caleb Smith for CALM.  Narrated by Steven Lyons  
 Released June 2019

Huckleberry Peacebunny and Bandit, two rabbits in the pasture at Peacebunny Cottage, getting ready for their journey to Peacebunny Island.  These rabbits are the inspiration behind the Calm Sleep Story, the Tale of Peacebunny Island





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