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Peacebcebunny Island
Approaching Peacebunny Island

This private island at Mile 832 on Mississippi River is owned by Caleb Smith, who trains rabbits to become comfort animals and emotional support rabbits. With wooded forest and sandy beaches, the island is an amazing play ground for his rabbits.

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Daisy Peacebunny
Daisy Peacebunny on Peacebunny Island

Daisy is a White American rabbit who is peaking out from the yummy treats growing on Peacebunny Island. She is shy and sweet, about to give you a wink.

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Huckleberry & Bandit
Huckleberry & Bandit at Peacebunny Cottage

Large blue and grey rabbit named Huck with his friend, a black & white striped Harlequin rabbit, sitting in the pasture at Peacebunny Cottage before heading to Peacebunny Island

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Peacebcebunny Island
Approaching Peacebunny Island

This private island at Mile 832 on Mississippi River is owned by Caleb Smith, who trains rabbits to become comfort animals and emotional support rabbits. With wooded forest and sandy beaches, the island is an amazing play ground for his rabbits.

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Our private 22 acre main island is nestled in the Mississippi National River Recreation Area (National Park)  in Minnesota, USA.   

It's a natural, sustainable sanctuary for training comfort rabbit

Come visit Peacebunny Cottage for bunny playdates this fall- where the bunnies live year round - More tickets released Sept 1.

"We care for rare breed rabbits and rescues... and the rabbits rescue us right back."   
-- Caleb (teen founder)

Our story begins with a kid-entrepreneur who wanted to prevent the pet rabbit abandonment cycle and to save as many as he could... Now we help people during their darkest times by sharing a little hoppiness while caring for a bunch of sweet furry friends


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Daisy -- American White senior doe




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Our Journey 

In 2018, a visionary teen entrepreneur bought a 43 foot houseboat and began renting a series of river  islands, fully believing these were the missing pieces to his business plan to train comfort rabbits, a plan that he'd been developing for many years.  

Our service-learning organization's primary motivation remains care and wellbeing of the the rabbits who live indoors year round in our extensive foster home system and at a rented farm we call the Peacebunny Cottage.
Secondly we invite the rabbits to go with us to share some comfort and joy with others, something we call "hoppiness."

Peacebunny Islands Inc. and the 501c3 Peacebunny Foundation continue to provide a turn-key process of training volunteers to care for the rabbits and to share what they are learning with others.  We also mobilize therapy animal handler teams to bring comfort during times of loneliness, stress, trauma and grief.


With appropriate oversight, youth guardians  oversee the care of the Comfort Rabbits in Training during their outings to and from the island. 
Together they spend warm lazy summer days at the Peacebunny Cottage and out on the main island.  Some days we go island hopping by boat to our nearby partner islands we call "Hope" and "Hoppiness."   The youth Bunny Guardians also take the rabbits to schools and educational events while providing  a major role in all parts of the business. 
These service-learning opportunities help prepare the youth for STEM based careers (especially health care) and for business.

As guests of very gracious family foundation, the rabbits live year round at a farm we call Peacebunny Cottage  when they are not at events or at foster homes.  

During warmer months we host bunny playdates in the pasture,  but our educational programs continue year round (currently on zoom) and will have been slowly opening again for in person activities...   

The Need for Connection 

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COVID has only amplified the need for connection, community and kindness.

Although animal interactions are a proven source of mental health support during times of loneliness, tragedy and grief, the request for services are largely left unmet.   

Service providers have relied almost exclusively on pet owners, but there simply aren't enough volunteer teams to go around...

Our company is now scaling responsibly by mobilizing  teams who will visit senior centers & hospice sites while we train more comfort bunnies out on Peacebunny Island this summer.  And those which are especially calm will be trained as registered therapy animals working with healthcare providers including therapists and counselors.

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