WEEKLY CONTEST: In order to keep this private 22 acre main island a natural and sustainable peaceful oasis, we do not intend to develop it or create a tourist destination...

We have been testing a model to offer boat treks to our other islands downstream named
"Hope" and "Hoppiness" in the near future.


Until mid-September we will continue to host weekly contests: Winners and up to 3 guests will be invited to go island hopping with us between the mainland & our partner islands.


All guests must be 14 or older to visit any of our islands -- but we host events for all ages at a family farm we call "Peacebunny Cottage."

Details on the current contest are below...

Daisy -- American White senior doe


We're so excited that you found our site and are interested in the rabbits!   


Our partner educational nonprofit STEM bunnies
brings the rabbits to community events, schools, libraries, egg hunts.


There are lots of educational events open to the public, including
Bunny Boot Camp, Little Vet class and Bunny Garden (on Sunday nights starting back up in September).  We  are now piloting some party packages
for private special events to determine what we will host next spring.


Thank you for helping us keep the islands (including our sandbars) natural, pristine and undisturbed, by only visiting with our personal escort. 


As Guardians of the comfort rabbits who travel with us to the Peacebunny Islands to spend warm lazy summer days together, we're excited to share what we're learning.  But the site just isn't designed for lots of guests.

We worked with a host of experts while developing a plan to help ensure that the island is sustainable and good for the environment while also keeping the rabbits and our youth safe.  The site simply cannot sustain the amount of guests who wish to visit the main island.


We have several partner islands including Hope and Hoppiness, located just downstream, and we are currently testing a model for allowing guests to visit our rabbits there where it is more conducive for guests. 

Thanks for visiting our site and supporting this  youth-driven vision! 

The best way to stay in the loop on opportunities and events is to subscribe to this site and follow on social media.

Have a Hoppy Day!!

-- Caleb



NAMING CONTEST WINNERS:  Snowdrop & Moonblink
Congrats to JACLYNN CAVALLIN who actually suggested BOTH names.

KATIE BRANNAN guessed that Oreos' favorite treat is grapes. 
Super fun to have so many people participating.
Great guesses too.  She's the only one we have who will BEG for a grape.
Such a sweet girl -- our first rescue, five years later.

GOAT CONTEST: We also have a winner!
Our goats names are Mulligan, Finnegan, Captain &
Forrest (who had problems running when he was young)
We will be catching up with the winner after the Fair.

Get updates by subscribing to THIS website  & you're automatically registered for the drawing.  We will be randomly selecting a winner.Congrats to JOHN M GERMAN

T-SHIRT TUESDAY:  Buy your t-Shirt online by midnight Tuesday. Then you'll be automatically entered.We randomly draw a name from the purchase list and notified the winner.Check your email -- we don't have your name.

1) NEW DRAWINGS --Win a Trip to the Peacebunny Islands
for you and 3 guests (all must be over 14 yrs old).  

SUNDAY Social Media Share week starts.
Post photo/comment and share our website
on your social media Be sure to include us on your post so we can see it.
We will do a random drawing next Sunday.

If you love our bunnies, help us get the word out.


2) New Rescue naming contest

Email us your name suggestion for a recent rescue, a petit black lionhead mix doe from Rochester area. She has six babies.  (The owner just got her and was told the rabbit was fixed.  Oops.  Happens more than you'll know).
We'll post photos later.  Winner + 3 guests over 14 years old will be invited to visit the island.  Must be able to come on a weekend between now and end of September.  Email your entry to
We will select a name Sept 17.  We haven't found one that really fits yet, so please keep sending suggestions


All guests going to the islands must be 14 years old or older by the time of their visit
and must have permission to enter.  Any youth who go must be accompanied by parent/guardian.  All participants/parents must sign appropriate waivers. The prize is non-transferable and has no cash sale value.  The islands are all rustic and travel will be by canoe.  Winner may choose to go to Peacebunny Cottage for a private VIP tour with the Baby Bunny Nursery instead.  Winner is responsible for any travel expenses getting to the agreed upon boat launch near St Paul, Minnesota USA. Winning trip must be completed between September 5 and October 15, 2019.  **If you are not yet 14 years old, we have other contests and opportunities just for you, so keep watching for new contests.



Emily J, Lakewood Ohio
Middle School student

In 1969, the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio caught on fire because of the trash thrown in the river. This year, we celebrate 50 years of a clean river, thanks to the Clean Water act.  This Act also affects the Mississippi river and it allows the rabbits to be safe and healthy on their island.

I have been wanting a bunny since I was very young. I’ve written countless essays, poems, and begged enough to drive my parents crazy. The little things in these furry creatures are the things that make them so lovable. The soft fur, the cute way they chew, the energy in their springy hop. These magical creatures have perfected the love potion. They have begun to make their home along the Mississippi river at Peacebunny Island.   

Of all of the animals I enjoy, rabbits are at the top of my list. They have always been my favorite. I particularly enjoy sleeping with my stuffed rabbit, Caesar, because he is fluffy and the perfect stuffed animal. That’s why I want to come. Spending time with the peace bunnies will help to reconnect with myself. To break from my crazy life and play with some bunnies. 

Emily J -- essay winner


"Caption contest" winner Lana Krakovskiy, New York

"Buck vs Doe" winner: Dawn Acerno, Minnesota

"If I were a bunny" winner:
   YOUTH: Cora Benker, St Michael Minnesota
   ADULT: Aisha Ahmend, Arlington Virginia


Peacebunny Island


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