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Kindness Ambassador Team

Island with name c.jpg

Rabbit Island, Mississippi River

Bunny Island, Mississippi River

Island of bunnies Minnesota

Island of rabbits Minnesota

Rabbit Island

Caleb Smith

Boy bunnies

Peacebunny Island Book

Peacebunny Islands Inc

Star Tribune rabbits

Visit Peacebunny Island

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What's an Ambassador?


Fun group of people who are excited about our mission 
and want to be part of the Book Launch & Spring activities from wherever you live.  

What will we do?


* Be part of TEAM PEACEBUNNY which is  busy preparing for Spring & Summer 2021 events and programming.


* Help open doors & share with others  

* Talk about Peacebunny Island on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter one time a week for four weeks.  We will provide some posts you may opt to share too.

* Consider purchasing Peacebunny Island merchandise
and posting photos 

Sunday afternoons 2 PM online meet & greets will allow you to find out updates and visit with others on the team. Youth under 18 years old should log in with a parent to help keep the whole family in the loop.   We hope you'll join us each week which will help ensure you know the latest information.

January 10, January 17, January 24
February 7, February 14, February 21, February 28
March 7   Then it's LAUNCH TIME!

* Commit to reading our book this spring so that you know our story more fully.  

ANSWER: No.  Our rabbits are domestic and they  live at Peacebunny Cottage and at foster sites/homes. Think of it like they are going to summer camp when they come to visit the  main island and we are the camp counselors.

We have never seen a wild rabbit there... Maybe they could cross the ice in the winter?  

How do I sign up?


Email us with your name, city/state or Country. 
On Jan 9, 2021  we'll start following up with people to share opportunities and about where we think you can be the most help.   Just write AMBASSADOR in the memo line so we can help direct your message.


Thanks for your support & your interest!!

-- Caleb

Visit: About
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