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Podcast Information

I am so thankful for this audio journal of some of the mile makers along the way.  It's wild to hear how my voice has changed and the the shift in confidence too.  It's rough and unpolished and it's pushed me like nothing else in the business has, but I've chosen to share it anyway, inviting listeners to spend some time with us.  
here's plenty that I'd like to share but with biosecurity measures, personal privacy, HIPAA  and youth protection methods in place,  so all that cuts back on the stories we share.  The saying "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" definitely has been our motto as I decide what can be shared publicly.  But the biggest challenge is that I'm so busy living the dream, oh yeah and I'm still in school, that it takes a tremendous amount of discipline to journal, podcast or blog.  
But I hope that somehow this can help you to connect more personally to what we're doing at the farm, on the boats and island.
Special Thanks: Several years ago I met CS Wurzberger  AKA  "The Greenup Girl" and our families developed a friendship that started when she interviewed me for her podcast.  ( I love her idea for her podcast called Green Up Kids.)  A year later she invited one of our  STEMbunnies unit to stay with her in Vermont as one of our first national expansion sites  and we truly enjoyed her hospitality as we stayed with her family on one of our many East Coast treks.   She provided much-needed support to think through how to share our adventures and was so gracious to share a template for how to launch a podcast for the bunnies.  THANK YOU!
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