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Rabbit Island, Mississippi River

Bunny Island, Mississippi River

Island of bunnies Minnesota

Island of rabbits Minnesota

Rabbit Island

Caleb Smith

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Where is Peacebunny Island?

ANSWER: Mile 832 on the Mississippi River 
               Minnesota, USA

The main island is downstream from Minneapolis  & St Paul
and from Bdote  (confluence of Mississippi River and
Minnesota Rivers).

Peacebunny Island is nestled in the Mississippi National River Recreation Area.

Caleb Smith, 16, his family and friends transformed this  private 22-acre main island into a natural, sustainable oasis and a summer camp for a lovable bunch of bunnies.

Do rabbits live on the island?

ANSWER: No.  Our rabbits are domestic and they  live at Peacebunny Cottage and at foster sites/homes. Think of it like they are going to summer camp when they come to visit the  main island and we are the camp counselors.

We have never seen a wild rabbit there... Maybe they could cross the ice in the winter?  



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