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Caleb Smith

Thank you for sharing the journey!
This site is primarily about the rabbits, the vision to create an island for training comfort rabbits, and the Peacebunny Cottage where they stay year round. 


But here's a little about Caleb...




Speaker for Schools, Events
Corporate, Civic Club Meetings

Topic: “Journey to Peacebunny Island”
by Caleb Smith

CEO/Founder of Peacebunny Islands Inc.
Teen Entrepreneur, Eagle Scout, Author
Paul Harris Fellow

Discover the remarkable story of a 16-year old social entrepreneur who naturally sees the value in things often “discarded” and the people who are often “dismissed.”


At the age of 8, Caleb Smith began to rescue rabbits no longer wanted after Easter. This motivated him to create an educational nonprofit to help youth, who like the rabbits, fall through the gaps.  Then, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shooting, Caleb personally witnessed therapy animals in action. He envisioned youth, mobilized to save rabbits, they would train to become comfort animals.

At 14, he rented, and ultimately purchased, a 22-acre Mississippi River island to serve as a summer sanctuary for these rare-breed rabbits and rescues.

Find yourself inspired to reflect on what would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail and discover what can happen when we choose to be open, look for potential and possibility, and add in patience, persistence and a bunch of positivity.

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Bunny Guardian * Networker  * Author * Entrepreneur
(CEO/Founder of Peacebunny Islands Inc.)

* 16 years old, 10th Grade, attending public high school
   Distance learning during COVID 19


* Lives with his parents Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area
   Minnesota USA. 


* Active in church, 4-H, Scouts BSA troop and  Sea Scouts.
   Achieved Eagle Scout October 2019

* Loves the Minnesota State Fair

* Fluent in goat.  HA.


Some of My Favorite Things
Camping, boating and singing  (often together)

FOOD cooked from scratch       Grandma's pies  Mmmm 

True Friends          Princess Bride          Proverbs 29:18 

Cousins!    Big dreams  -  Hanging out with dreamers

Hammocks with bunnies      Baseball & hockey

Networking for good         Campfires      Whisker kisses


Traveling and exploring    Cooking outdoors 


Caleb Smith author face close amazon.jpg

Other Topics...

   Setting goals
   Asking the Right Questions

* Starting a Business 
What I wish someone would have told me and things I'm glad they didn't!

* Lessons from writing a book

* Preventing the Preventable:
   Biosecurity policies 

* Biodiversity - STEMbunnies

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