Caleb Smith

Thank you for sharing the journey!
This site is primarily about the rabbits, the vision to create an island for training comfort rabbits, and the Peacebunny Cottage where they stay year round.  But here's a little about Caleb...




Bunny Guardian * Networker  * Author * Entrepreneur
(CEO/Founder of Peacebunny Islands Inc.)

* 16 years old, 10th Grade, attending public high school
   Distance learning during COVID 19


* Lives with his parents Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area
   Minnesota USA. 


* Active in Scouts BSA ( Sea Scouts) and 4H and church

* Loves the Minnesota State Fair

* Excited about the book release this March 2021
Peacebunny Island: the Extraordinary Journey of a Boy and His Comfort Rabbits, and How they're Teaching us about Hope and Kindness


Some Favorites

Camping, boating and singing  (often together)


FOOD cooked from scratch       Grandma's pies    Mmmm. 


True Friends          Princess Bride          Proverbs 29:18 


Cousins!    Big dreams and even bigger hearts

Hammocks with bunnies      Baseball & hockey



Unsure of career plans, but committed to making the bunny business sustainable so he can pursue college .

Named the business "Peacebunny Islands" -- with an S. 


Science Fair 2021 project with goats and invasive species removal


Hopes for the Future

* Comfort rabbit system scaling responsibly
* Stop the current pet abandonment cycle
* Help recruit the next Dread Pirate Roberts??





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