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Endangered Breeds: Meet The Team
About the Rabbits

We are so blessed to be able to serve as Bunny Guardians.    

When Caleb found 362 rabbits on Craigslist just in Minneapolis-Saint Paul right after Easter, and discovered that the animal rescues were often at capacity, he envisioned a new way to help stop the pet-abandonment cycle, focusing on education.

Although we do rescue some rabbits, we do not operate as a "rescue," but rather as an educational organization that focuses on what happen before people bring a rabbit home.  Together with rescues, pet spay-neuter programs, and animal welfare organizations, we are all addressing the same challenge but through different strategies.  We believe that humans can do a better -- and our programs are just one part of the answer.


Peacebunny Cottage


For the past three years, the rabbits have been cared for at a family farm in the southwestern  Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area.  We are so grateful that the rabbits get to call this 6 acre farm their year round home if they are not visiting with a foster family or organization.  The Kinderbunnies (in training to be comfort rabbits) live here when not visiting the island.









Years before RHDV2 outbreak, we were focused on saving the rare heritage breeds and now celebrate our role in the comeback of the American white and blue rabbits and awareness of these treasured breeds. Now we are uniquely positioned and have stepped up our efforts in partnership with other farms.

We participate in a very limited and intentional breeding program of purebred heritage rabbits that align with the ARBA "standard of perfection."  Rabbits which do not meet this strict standard may still participate in our programs but will not be eligible for breeding.  Enjoy the photos of babies on our site but they are not for sale.


We are not breeding in order to harvest them for meat. 

To do our part to stop the impulse buying and  pet abandonment cycle:  we do not sell our  pedigreed rabbits or our rescues for pets.  The only exception is for people who have completed  "Bunny Boot Camp" class and foster with us for at least
2 months.

We have found a wonderful way to create a "demand" for the rescues we take in that have an outgoing personality and for these special breeds who weren't on people's radar before.

Here is a sample of the rare heritage breed rabbits in our program...  



Our service learning program mobilizes youth who take the rabbits into the community.  Our youth-led business aims to provide hands-on  opportunities in several tracks:
Animal Science track applies best standards & biosecurity practices to  animal husbandry of rabbits at the Peacebunny Cottage.
Business track accents administration, marketing, social media, while students honing their public speaking and writing skills. 
Agriculture track allows youth to operate a working farm, gardening, permaculture.
NEW Healthcare track aims to provide a pipeline into these needed careers as they gain experience bringing rabbits to senior centers, hospice, home health care, families with someone diagnosed on the autism spectrum, physical & occupational therapy... 

2019 heritage chart.jpg
Loxxy PB.jpg
"Together we will save the bunnies"

Silver Fox

Paxton PB.jpg
Star Creampuff PB.jpg

American Blue

American White

Loxxy PB.jpg
Beverly PB.jpg
Mia PB.jpg

White Beveren (Blue eyes)

Blue Beveren from Austria

Bandit PB.jpeg
Monsieur Mac PB.jpeg

Blanc de Hotot (France)

Pronounced  "Blahnk du Oh-tote"


Chimmichanga PB.jpg
Peaches PB.jpg

Creme d'Argente

Chinchilla Rabbit

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