Comfort Animals:
"Peacebunny Unit"


We provide bunny visits for families with children
who suddenly find they have an empty seat at the dinner table... and for classrooms who have lost a friend.

We are so sorry for your loss.
We can only offer the gift of presence.


Contact us and start a conversation about what services or resources we are able to provide during COVID.



Sometime you just need some silliness.  How about a goat to interrupt your zoom call? Or a bunch of bunnies zooming across a room and jumping for joy? Mental health is EVERYONE's challenge in 2020 + so we are figuring out ways to share some of our hoppiness.
 Contact us about your upcoming meeting and let's talk about how we can help fight off the zoom fatigue...  


We love our seniors and know that it is an especially lonely time.  Our in-person programs are currently limited to being outside for a window visit due to COVID.

But we LOVE LOVE LOVE to bring some extra joy when we can visit a senior home.

To make this work, tell the site manager about our program and then have them contact us  ( ) so that we can tackle the logistics.  There is no guarantee of a visit to your loved one's window due to the date/time of the visit, but this connection will start the ball rolling... and your site manager will know who to try to involve.


We are offering a new service specifically for
Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro-wide area teachers
and administrators
. Seeing the line of Principals holding space in North Minneapolis has motivated us to do something new...

Most of us in the program are teenagers & this fall has been hard on us.  And we know that it is hard on you too.   And we need YOU.  We need you to take care of you so you'll be strong enough and to keep going.  We know it must be hard to plan and teach and deal with all the stuff that comes with COVID while trying to help us. Plus take care of YOUR families too. So we want to help encourage you.  

And as a metro community have had more than our share of extra challenges this year and it's just extra hard.  But somehow the Peacebunnies make things better.

If you are a staff member at a public or private school located in our area, check with your administrator first to see if it would be ok to have a special staff bunny playdate or if you want us to have some bunnies to drop in on your next zoom call.   Somehow our furry floofers do things that we can't do as humans.  

Email us for more info or complete the drop-downs.



(Pilot Project launch 12.14.2020)

Are you the parent of a child whom you believe would like to receive an invitation to one of our virtual bunny visits? We'd love to send you more information.  At this time we are accepting up to 50 children to participate as we fine tune our new program.

We recognize that COVID has created additional challenges for everyone and has amplified the need for additional resources.  This is a new service and we thank you in advance for your patience...  

Between Dec 14 and Feb 14, we will give priority to families that include a child who has:


1) MENTAL HEALTH diagnosis
4) GRIEF & LOSS due to death of a family member

We intend to keep the group size small to allow you and your child to ask questions and to interact with our "bunny guardians" who will introduce one of our rabbits to you.  We will not be addressing therapeutic outcomes or asking you any personal information during the visit.

This is just a fun extra support to families who could use a little boost that only a furry friend can provide.
Our only request is completing a 5 question survey at the end to help us learn how to serve families better.


Please include which category # and age of child and we will send you more information.

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