Minnesota Comfort Animal Visits

We are offering a new service specifically for Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro-wide area teachers and administrators. Seeing the line of Principals holding space yesterday in North Minneapolis has motivated us to do something.

We're kids & this fall has been hard on us.  And we know that it is hard on you too.   And we need YOU.  We need you to take care of you so you'll be strong enough and to keep going.  We know it must be hard to plan and teach and deal with all the stuff that comes with COVID while trying to help us. Plus take care of YOUR families too. So we want to help encourage you.  

And as a metro community have had more than our share of extra challenges this year and it's just extra hard.  But somehow the Peacebunnies make things better.

If you are a staff member at a public or private school located in our area, check with your administrator first to see if it would be ok to have a special staff bunny playdate or if you want us to have some bunnies to drop in on your next zoom call.   Somehow our furry floofers do things that we can't do as humans.  

Email us for more info or complete the drop-downs.


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