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Hoppy Easter!

We've been busy with supporting tons of events this spring already. From egg hunts and birthdays to scout meetings & Earth Day to Youth Service Day -- wow the calendar has been packed. Starting to do the weekly Tuesday podcast again

SPRING AT THE COTTAGE: Green grass!!! Just like that after the final big snow dump, we said goodbye to white and hello to green. Casper couldn't be more happy. Dandelions are popping up and it smells so fresh outside. Somehow everything feels right when we have a lush green pasture for bunnies to play in and goats to nibble. Behind the scenes we've been working on getting a new volunteer area ready at Peacebunny Cottage. Transforming the old pump house into a usable space for training meant ripping out old carpet, painting and finding new storage for other items. WEBSITE & NEW VIDEOS: Thank you to amazing volunteers who are helping to edit and to post new videos for you to watch.

BOATS BOATS BOATS: Getting motors tuned, purchase canoe registrations, renew insurance... and making sure we have enough paddles and PFDs for my Eagle Project to make a detailed water trail map for Pool 2 of the Mississippi River and the Minnesota River from Fort Snelling to Shakopee. Super excited that my proposal was approved.

SPRING EVENTS: Hope you'll visit us at the Cottage for upcoming public events like the Bunny Garden, Little Vet class & Bunny Boot Camp. Perfect for Mothers Day Starting the Pasture Buddies program soon as well as the Family Farm camp for an immersion experience at the Cottage. No formal plan for guests to visit the island yet...stay tuned Thanks for visiting and sharing what you like on social media ;-)

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