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Book Release March 2021: PRE-ORDER details

Thanks for sharing our joy! Memoir of Caleb Smith was purchased by Tyndale Momentum. Preorder your copy with this link.

Smith Hops to Tyndale

Caleb Smith, a 15-year-old who turned a passion for rescue rabbits into a nonprofit that oversees a 22-acre animal sanctuary, sold his memoir to Tyndale House. Dan Strone at Trident Media Group represented Smith in the world rights deal.

Smith oversees Minnesota’s Peacebunny Island, which pitches itself as a place where young people can learn to train rabbits and, in the process, share “hugs, hope, and hoppiness.”

Peacebunny Island: The Extraordinary Journey of a Boy and His Comfort Rabbits, and How They’re Teaching Us About Hope and Kindness is scheduled for March 2021. Sarah Atkinson (Tyndale) said, “this is the odyssey of a remarkable young man committed to doing what he can to make the world more compassionate toward animals and to each other.

PREORDER OPTION: You can buy it today

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Are you guys giving any discount on this book during these Cyber Monday sales days or any kind of discount through coupons code such as cyber monday discount codes/promo codes? Please let me know! By the way, I'm also a writer and writing a book on my pet cat. There is an inspiring story about how I found this cat and why she is my lucky charm. Actually, I have a pet house for stray cats and I'm a cat lover. People around my neighborhood also support this work of mine by giving charity/donations. Please guide me about the process of how to publish a book through a good publisher and what's the right way to approach them?

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