How money is spent

We have no paid staff, including Caleb, who continues to bootstrap budgeted expenses by hosting educational events.  And when someone special like you chooses to open their hearts and decides to donate, e
very dollar goes to support the vision which includes:

* Caring for and training the bunnies to

   become therapy rabbits

* Training more people to become handlers.

* Providing facilities for the rabbits' housing &   
   training and for hosting volunteers in training.

* Providing transportation to e


As you give, consider what you are helping provide. Here are some budget examples:

$5     Alfalfa grass bale
         (We feed 2 bales every day)

$10   Three straw bales for fresh, dry bedding

$15:  Identification & t-shirt for a new volunteer

$25:  60 pounds of feed pellets - every day

$30:  Typical gas expense driving rabbits to
          educational events

$50: Wagon for bringing rabbits to visit seniors  
         in their rooms at care
facilities OR travel
         pen to set up in courtyard for people to

         watch the bunnies play

$75:   New rabbit carrier, allowing more rabbits

         to go with handlers to new sites.
         We need one carrier and one wagon per

$100:  Wellness check to ensure rabbit's overall
            health and eligibility for therapy before
            visiting healthcare & hospice facilities


$200:  Basic food and bedding for each therapy 
for a year. 

If you like what we're doing, we have creative ways to thank  and engage our sponsors / partners. 




                 Ways to Give

          * Online with paypal / credit card
             (Click blue "Donate" box)


         * Patreon Account for recurring gifts
            (posted soon)  

         * Mail check to Peacebunny Island

            PO Box 202, Newport MN 55055

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