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Organic Fertilizer

from Peacebunny Cottage, Minnesota

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Meet some of our contributing artists....

At Peacebunny Cottage, we raise exotic and rare breed rabbits who are trained to be part of our comfort rabbit program that visits people during times of loneliness, trauma and grief.

Thank you for donating to our organization to support our mission and we are pleased that we can give you a special thank you gift for your garden.

We are preparing to mobilize teams of bunnies in wagons to visit Uvalde Texas and your generosity will help our youth-led
service-learning organization  share hope and hoppiness when it's needed most. 


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Peacebunny Cottage --
our rabbits' year round home since 2017

Garden Benefits

 Rabbit manure is organic matter...
            and it helps plants AND roots grow. 


It improves poor soil structure, drainage and moisture retention, 
restocking lost nutrients... and that means good things for your garden!


Source: University of Michigan Extension Office

    Packed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, minerals and micronutrients.
    Four times more nutrients than cow or horse manure
    Twice as rich as chicken manure.

    Nitrogen (N) helps produce strong green growth

    Phosphorus (P) helps plants to withstand stress
    Contributes to more and bigger blossoms
    Great for root growth

    Potassium (K) needed for plant growth. 
    Helps with fruit quality and reducing disease

    Beneficial Trace Elements: such as calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, sulfur, copper and cobalt, just to name a few

  • NOT HOT:  Unlike from other animals, rabbit fertilizer will not burn your plants/roots.  Can use it all year round in solid or liquid form.

  • NO COMPOSTING NEEDED: Use it directly on your garden 

    Typically doesn't attract as much attention from flying insects

  • NOT AS SMELLY:  What a great side-perk!  

We fill fertilizer in old feed bags so it's to measure and easy to take to your garden

About our Fertilizer

Our rabbits are raised INSIDE in our biosecure barn.


Their waste is collected along with the bits of timothy hay, wheat and oat straw and grasses that fall through.

It is not dug up from the ground = No worms



We fill it in their used feed bags  (40 and 50 pound  size)

Each bag provides 1 cubic foot of fertilizer


We just completed our spring clean of the barn that has concrete floors. It's been piled inside and now

we've moved it outside and it's ready to bag and go.

"Mixed" is this year's pile of fertilizer which is fresh from inside the barn

"Black Gold" has been composted too
This cooks off almost all vegetative matter


We have several dates for pickup. 
Choose which date works for you.

It is a working farm, so please do not come except with a reservation.  
After you sign up, we'll confirm with more details by email.

Drive to the Peacebunny Cottage
4562 McColl Drive
Savage MN 55348. 
Read your confirmation note for where to park.



Need a cubic yard or more?  (27 bags)
Please email 

Thank you for your generous donation to our nonprofit.
Together we're growing hope and making the world more beautiful.  We're happy to partner with you
(Ideally you donate online or bring a check -- that way our youth do not need to handle cash during the event. 

Sorry we are not able to make change). 

There is a suggested donation price listed.
100% of the money raised is a line item donation
for our Uvalde, Texas trip.

Helping you Grow
Stronger Roots AND Bigger Shoots!

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