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Peacebunny Merchandise

Our Fundraising Book Store:
Purchasing books through this site help us share even more hope and hoppiness.

Special bunny hugs from Lionardo
to you for becoming our 

Ambassadors of Hoppiness
as you share our story...



There's no scientific proof,
but when you put on our PEACEBUNNY ISLAND t-shirt, it seems to give special powers to share hugs, hope and "hoppiness." 

Guaranteed conversation starter &

 smile catalyst.

Plus you're supporting our mission!


Please be sure you only buy through us  on the Teespring shop because two websites have just hacked our logo 
and none of the sales come to us... 

Thanks for visiting and sharing our story

when you wear our brand.

We truly appreciate your feedback on selection, colors and pricing...

Help us make sure that we supply the things you like.  Send us an EMAIL


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