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Our new farm home: Peacebunny Cottage, Minnesota

Think about it: An island is a FANTASTIC place for bunnies to play and we are super close to making the dream come true. Caleb envisioned the island and year round farm model over a year ago, thinking about how to keep the bunnies safe while being able to dig and explore and frankly -- act like a bunny. But that can't be their year round home.

When our bunnies aren't in a foster home, we have been partnering with several farmers. Our latest exciting news is the opportunity to have programming and home for bunnies at a farm in the southwest metro area, Minnesota USA. Check out this amazing amazing site!!!

Because of biosecurity needs, the barn and related greenspace will not be open for guest tours. This will help us protect our endangered breeds and the baby bunny nursery for these special rabbits and our Angora rabbits. We love the pasture grass, the dandelions, and the horses will help to keep birds of prey and other predators away... It's such an exciting time for Peacebunny Islands, Inc. and for our partner nonprofit educational organization called STEM Bunnies.

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