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More than Ever

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Although always there, COVID seems to have amplified the need for connections and for hope. This week was our first major national conference since 2019 and YOUR response showcased how a vision centered in kindness and birthed in the heart of an 8-year old can make a difference to bring out the best in people and meet them where they are. And now that I’m an older teen and this needs to be treated like a sustained marathon of love not just a cute kid business, I needed reminding that this work matters and reminding that all the preparation was worth it — and this trip was just what I needed.

I am excited to come back to DC this year and to take it all in.

The Peacebunnies are not able to mend everything —but to see how convention goers who are politically divided during a flash week were sitting side by side on the floor petting bunnies, talking, connecting, it was magical. Civil Conversations. Politeness. Kindness. Calm voices. Relaxed postures. Calm.

I have loved hearing your stories of overcoming challenges…it' s humbling to see how our booth of comfort bunnies in training was received. The joy. The giggles. FaceTime with family back home. Selfies with Shazam. Ooh and aahs and wiping tears that came from deep places. So much grief you’ve been processing. So much stress. Division. Pain. Separation. Loneliness.

Whisker kisses and secrets whispered. A sweet excuse to meet other conference goers. Exhibitors gleeful when we stopped by with a wagon of bunnies because they can’t leave their station. Convention hall staff. Grown men bouncing towards us. Kids dancing in line. Smiles so big the masks can’t contain them.

Somehow in a buzzing convention hall time stood still for all of us. And I healed too. No doubt my legs are pretty exhausted and my voice is a raw because it’s been so long, but thank you all for helping to fill MY tanks too.

And tonight we start the drive back to Minnesota to the Peacebunny Cottage as we continue to prepare a unit for our early August deployment to Uvalde, Texas.

Yes I’d love to connect with you more about author zoom calls And speaking at your next conference or meetI guess.

Thanks for committing to showcase our YA/Adult book club discussions and our website, for tagging us on social media.Those things are what help keep our foundation able to accept the invitation to respond quickly to communities in need. Thanks for opening doors;

Thanks for hopping by THE PARK t ALA and sharing your smile!!

Hugs! —Caleb

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Janice Mauk Enzone
Janice Mauk Enzone
Jun 28, 2022

Your writings are inspirational. Your amazing work has a magical effect on people. Bless you for what you & the bunnies are doing to bring peace to us all.

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