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On the calendar it says "Spring," but we do that differently here in Minnesota. Apparently we're on the way to one of the snowiest months in state history. We've had more snow days this year than I can ever remember. And more is being dumped from the sky even as I write.

Although we have some snow bunnies who love to be outside and play in the great white fluffy stuff, I am looking at the calendar and concerned about when this all melts. We've had flooding here before, but we have several feet of snow in places that with a quick warming spell will likely turn into flooding. So although we had a great time playing today outside, I am not liking the odds of the rivers flooding in the next few weeks. That means flooded islands, fast current on the Mississippi, and lots of debris. Not great for bringing up a houseboat against the current for 100 miles.

So let's embrace the reality of a beautiful snow dump, get outside and play... I love that we have four seasons here. And the bunnies love to dig tunnels and lick the snow. So much fun!!

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