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Boat Safety class: Watercraft Operator Permit

Meet my 14 year old friend Kaden -- we just completed the Watercraft Operator Permit class! Whoot whoot.

We've been friends for the last year an a half. He was part of the volunteer bunny crew that went with the Peacebunny Unit to Parkland FL. Between camps he'll be chilling with me on the River this summer and now there are two of us with our youth operator's permit to drive the SS Peacebunny houseboat. He has experience with smaller size boats, camping and he's just a lot of fun. Our families have been eating dinner together Thursday nights and he's got tons of ideas.

After a soft recruiting pitch, he agreed to come to the safety course with me from 8:30 to 3:30 today. We're both glad we took the course in person version rather than online because we could ask questions specifically about our boat and about being on the Mississippi River, going through the lock and dam system etc. We HIGHLY recommend this class. Next we're scheduling the free safety check before we head up the river this month.

Lots more hand shaking expected this month -- meeting lots of amazing people because of this project. This was our instructor who mainly pilots on Lake Superior.

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