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Weekly Podcasts: Tuesdays

WHEN: Recorded on Tuesdays and pasted as soon as we edit! OUR PLANNED FORMAT: 1) Weekly update on what's happened that week 2) NEW: 2nd and 4th Tuesday longer program (20 minute chunks) to discuss topics & interview guest experts throughout the summer

3) Summer Live programs: Tuesdays at 2:02 PM


SUMMER POSTS: Aug 26: Sounds of Hoppiness Aug 23: State Fair Part 1 Aug 6: Sitting by the River Completes Me July 2: World Record Attempt 2020. Win a Trip to the Island June 30: Live from the Mainland June 11: June 11 River Trekking - West Bank

********************************************************************** WEEK 16: Wax On - Wax Off (Working on the Houseboat) Some People Join the Gym - ha!

WEEK 15: French rabbits arrive! Blanc de Hotot WEEK 14: Destressing College students

WEEK 13: Hoppy Easter 4.23.19 WEEK 10: Lovin' the River -- Happy Valentines Day WEEK 9: Groundhog says "Get the Boats Ready!" WEEK 8: Intro to Angora Rabbits ******************************************************************

WELCOME PREVIEW WEEK 1: Thankfulness, Whether Station (naming goats silliness ala "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs")

WEEK 2: Boats out, Shift to Winter Week 3: Rabbit Biodiversity Week 4: Winter Barn, Business & Boats WEEK 6: 2019 It's Going to Be AMAZING WEEK 7:Seamanship Class, Sea Scouts & the goat boat whether/weather station

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