Beavers and Barges

This summer we got to know several beaver pretty well who visit the island, leaving their mark. We named our engineering pals Frank and Lloyd (after a famous human architect) and we tried to give them plenty of space on Pool 2. This is not our photo and I don't know the source, but it's a great close up of a beaver swimming. For fun, we've created a beaver game show that is best played against someone for a challenge. Check out our new game page! This is my video of one of the barges coming south down the Mississippi River. We were on the land bank across from our island (South St Paul, Minnesota) and saw our beaver buddy dash downstream ahead of the vessel before it turned port (right) into the station to pick up its load. I didn't add music so you could hear the sounds of the river captain talking on the intercom and the noise of the motor. I can see why the beavers get out of the way!

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