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Ground Hog Day: Polar Vortex

Brrr! Good morning Woodchuck Chuckers -- It's Ground Hog Day! With temps this week -34 F in Minnesota, it's officially colder here than in Antarctica. Somehow that just makes me feel more manly just saying that. Ha. I come inside from chores with icicles growing on my eyelashes and my hair is crunchy from the frozen condensation inside my hat by my mouth. Definitely wearing plenty of lip balm and layers -- I really appreciate how warm Angora fur is. (Again, we just give the rabbits gentle haircuts every several months & that gets spun into yarn for mittens and we make sure they have plenty of thickness for the winter!) While others may have the luxury of staying inside, we drive over to the barn every day and go between building hauling food and hay and water, trying to make sure they are all staying healthy, hydrated and happy. Lots of thick ice on the roads and polar plunging temps so I'm thankful that our car has started every day without problem and we've successfully avoided car accidents while trekking to several meetings too. I'm setting up time to meet with Parks and Recreation staff with cities along Pool 2 of the Mississippi River sharing my idea for a more detailed river map. Everyone's been super helpful with ideas and sharing contacts as I do the research for this project. Really thankful for their insight. And we're taking the advise from Punxsutawney Phil the Groundhog -- We are getting the houseboats ready for spring...Lots to do! It's like I blinked and we're into our winter Library schedule with Easter egg hunts right around the corner. We're super busy right now so thanks for being patient if you reach out to us -- Until next time!

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