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Bring him home! Welcome to the Blanc de Hotot rabbits from France

We are so pleased to welcome a Grand Champion senior buck, two senior does, and a junior doe to Peacebunny Cottage.

A generous breeder from Washington state chose to entrust her top buck to us along with very good females. One with stunning satin fur and one with perfect body type. So we are hopeful that we'll have some baby bunny announcements later this summer. Our mission includes helping to save rabbits on the endangered Livestock Conservancy list (<2000 registered) and to help create a demand for this beautiful breed. Thanks for helping to support our mission. To learn more, listen to this week's podcast.

We are still trying to encourage guests to subscribe to our Youtube Channel. We need 1000 subscribers to be able to livestream via mobile devices, so that's our next milestone. Thanks for helping share the word!

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