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Fair Update Friday

Busy day with the Judging Competition. Your division is based on the grade you just finished, and I just completed 8th grade, so I'm considered an "Intermediate." Although I've been in 4H since 3rd grade, this is my first time I've accepted the trip to the State Fair so there is lots to learn about how 4H rabbit competition is run compared to the Open Competition (youth and adults compete together) which is held next weekend.

4H youth bring 1 rabbit; Open competitors can register up to 50.

4H I brought Ambrosia, an English Angora; For Open I'm bringing 14 breeds. 4H youth have tests and presentations and are judged on how well they keep their area; Open competitors it's only about the best in breed and best in show which is the judges interpretation of how well the rabbit measures against the "Standard of Perfection" book written by ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association). 4H youth stay overnight in dorms with chaperones; Open competitors commute, can potentially stay on site with campers 4H is the first four days of the fair; Open is the last four days of the fair.

So if you want to see rabbits, go on the weekends.

Yep, I have lots to learn -- I've been really impressed by the other youth from our county and the others I've met so far. Highlights: The young man from LeSeuer who won the Judging contest (how well we can measure rabbits based on the Standard). Lucia who dominated the written test. Sidney who as 7th grader was accidentally given the Advanced Test and still earned points!! Sage whose three young rabbits are two cages down and they steal peoples hearts as they walk in the door. Thankful for my chaperone Jerry who has helped keep me on schedule for events and Mark (been involved with Hennepin Hoppers for the whole time I've been in 4H) who flashed time signals during my presentation to keep me from running over. Nora who runs the Hoppers -- always great to go to for answers.

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