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Fair Update Friday night

It's the big day for 4H rabbits -- Ambrosia, an English Angora senior doe will be competing for Best Small Breed rabbit. Come at 8 AM and find Table 2 to see her compete, close to the end of the judging schedule.

Between competitions she is either in the cage near the entrance of the sheep area, hanging out with me so I can teach people about her, or in her enclosed space, sitting on a frozen tile. She has two fans blowing on her and there are barriers between her and her neighbor bunny pals. Plenty of stuff to munch on and fresh water available, so one happy little girl. Today was the Interview Call Back for those of us who did well on the written test Wednesday night. I'm pleased to say that I did well enough I won the top prize: free food. Ribbons are great but food coupons -- THE BEST. The free milk and Culligan water booths are my favorite stopping point and I'm sorry if I'm putting you out of business. HA. We participated in Quiz Bowl with questions like "what are the symptoms of enteritis complex" and "what are the classes of the Silver Fox" and "what is the amount of wool produced by a Giant Angora in a year?" Very challenging questions -- glad we participated. And no -- we didn't even come close to winning but somehow my name was drawn for prizes afterwards and I got a sweet new rabbit carrier cage.

Went to watch some friends do their presentations. I got the written results from last night when I did my presentation on Angoras. Need to work more on having an more concise intro and conclusion. I packed a lot of info into the presentation but I had a good 5 minutes more I could have spoken more about the process of training the comfort rabbits and still not go over on time. For my first time in this competition, I'm more than thrilled at the outcome.

Gotta admit that I'm pretty bushed, and we have a very early morning to start the pedigree breed competition. BIG DAY . I've given her a haircut already so she would be a very surprising win if she places. But I'm glad to help her stay cool while still letting people get to know more about this exotic breed. Ok, better get to bed!

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