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Relax and Regroup

Ambrosia aboard the SSS Peacebunny houseboat today

Welcome if this is your first time checking in here. What an amazingly fun packed few days at the MN State Fair!

I brought Ambrosia home after the 4H competition and she's getting a much deserved solo trip with me out on the boat. Bird sounds. Water lapping. Quiet time. Complete run of the houseboat. Lots of yummy treats. She's such a good girl and she made so many people smile, laugh and just share a moment. I can't believe how many people stopped to take her picture and commented on her "feather wings" for ears, which are the ear tassels on an English Angora. So we're taking time to just get away from people and relax.

There have been so many positive memories of the fair so far this year and I'm excited to have the final home stretch next weekend, with four days of starting high school in the middle. So after I finish the post, time to take my own advice and do some self care. Which means boats and bunnies, then check in at the farm on the 6 rescue baby bunnies that should be opening their eyes soon and go have dinner with my Grandparents. Forecast for rain is fantastic -- I LOVE the sound of rain on the barn roof or the houseboat. Other people stay inside but I am so pleased for the rain and so is my garden.

People often ask about my happy place -- and while there are physical places that make my heart feel full, I've found there are different layers of happiness and joyfulness. Happy is based on circumstances. Joy is about your soul. And much like certain smells make you feel like home, there are certain sensory triggers that create my sweet spot. And when these things all come together plus a feeling of a job well done, it's beyond words. I am so blessed. Truly. This may sound weird, but I always give the bunnies a choice to go to an event or not. I have a lot registered for the fair but we'll see who actually makes the trip on Thursday/Friday morning when I'm doing final selection. If they are eager to engaged and choose to get into the travel carriers, they know what it means to go to events. I don't speak rabbit, but it seems like they understand when I sing to them and ask if they want to go. I love that they make so many people smile and somehow have a better day just because they met one of the Comfort Rabbits. Why can't I pet your rabbits during the State Fair? It's hard saying 'no' to everyone who want to touch and pet them at the Fair, but there is a time when they've had enough (like a pitch count in baseball) and we want them to stay super sweet. Last post I shared some tips echoed by lots of people who bring animals to the Fair for how to be most kind. Thanks for spreading the word and modeling for the younger ones.

Hope to meet you there at the Great Minnesota Get Together soon!

Signing off and I will check in when we're switching gears for the big move in. -- C

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