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Autumn Update -

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

With the changing of the seasons comes new adventures and the closing of chapters. The end of State Fair marks the beginning of a new school year and I started high school. Now getting ready for fall break this week, the final river trips for my Eagle Project are going out. I'm excited to be turning in my paperwork to the MN DNR which will showcase a paddler's water trail map that will help prevent erosion. I'm so close to the finish line on this massive project, so I've just gotta keep moving my legs and lean. HA! And after this week the houseboat will be brought back on land at the marina for the winter. Their staff overseas the winterizing and its next trek will be in May with MMZERO.

So thankful for our volunteers!! They have been busy transitioning water stations in the barn to new format. Final delivery of alfalfa hay and straw is this weekend. Mowed the corral. Painted the fencing and sides of the main barn. Changing the goats housing setup. Spiderwebs are gone in the horse barn. That's the joy of farm life -- there's always projects.

We have our final barn cleaning getting ready for Twin Cities Start Up Week where we are hosting a meet and greet event.

Thanks for staying with us on our journey!

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