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2020 MN State Fair 4H Rabbit Showcase

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Congrats to two of our lovely purebred ladies who have moved on to compete in the State Competition. September 9, 2020 4 PM CST. So proud of you two!! Update: Ambrosia took 4th Place Large Breeds & Bandit took #7th Place for Small Breeds. Way to go my sweet little ladies!


GIANT ANGORA: Body: 20 points. 10 pounds +

Commercial type, balanced, well nourished, firm and muscular.

Wool: 25 points texture with all 3 types (underwood, awn fluff, guard hairs), 25 points density all over, not felted matted or webbed. Hair length: 10 points, ideal 4 inches +, balanced, blended.

Color: 5 points clean and even white. Condition: 10 points.

Ears: 2 points for tassles, fringes and tight V shape. Eyes: 2 point bold, bright albino. Feet/Legs: 2 points covered with wool, white toenails. Tail: 1 point, straight & covered with wool.

HARLEQUIN: Markings 60 points. (20 each for body/chest, head/ears, feet/legs). Half face each color, matching alternating ear One leg each color.

General Type: 10 points for V ears, balanced. Condition: 5 points. Weight 7-9.5 pounds. Color: 15 points, clear black and white stripes or bands. Fur:10 points for flyback when you rub your hand across the back.

All are compared to the ARBA Standard of Perfection. The winner is overall closest to the standard.

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