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Autumn 2020 - BLUE MOON UPDATE

The phrase once in a blue moon really strikes a chord with me as I think about how life has changed since 2018 when the last one was here. And even the changes for this fall due to COVID and RHDV2

School activities are now in full swing as best as they can be. Of course I miss being together in person, but I've really enjoyed special time with family and finding ways to stay connected with friends. I remain hopeful that online classes will be a thing of the past, but I'm glad that we're reading THE ALCHEMIST in English, so there's some interesting parallels to my journey.

The book project is starting to feel real because we have been working on the epilogue and final edits before publication, talking about potential endorsements and PR plans. March seems so far away and yet there's so much to do before then... Another big excitement was meeting Michael Gallagher who will be my voice in the audio book. He seems like he's genuine and really excited to bring the story to life. The current plan is for me to read the intro and the epilogue, with him telling the main story. Funny question that came up today: What would Paxton's voice sound like. Hmmm. Regal. Warm. Confident. Welcoming.

Other updates: Great Grandma is about to celebrate 101 years old. My closest friends have been able to come out to the island this fall and it's been so awesome to go explore with them and experience the islands through their eyes. We continue to transition the farm in preparation for winter: hanging thicker doors, insulating the water pipes, final massive barn cleaning. Picking apples and final harvest in the garden.

Can't believe that the BLUE MOON of 2020 is finally here -- the last one was during January 2018 and that's when we first bought the houseboat, before we had an island. Amazing how much has changed and evolved since then. And while reflecting on that I feel super blessed. Hope you all are staying healthy and that your heart is encouraged. Hope you find some hoppiness today! - Caleb

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