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Groundhog Day - "Get Your Boat Ready"

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Americans have a holiday where we wait for a groundhog in Pennsylvania to stick its head out of a hole. Then by tradition, if "Phil" from Punxsutawny sees his shadow, then we can expect a longer winter. Well, guess what??

One of our most friendly Flemish Giants, Fudge, also has been a prognosticator with grand success over the years. He spent time digging in the snow and searching for his shadow this week. HA! So while many people are eager for winter to go, I'm truly thankful

for four full seasons of winter, spring, summer, and autumn, (not so much the bonus seasons of road construction and mosquitoes). I'm not in a rush to grow up or for things to move so quickly. I'm excited for what's next, but I think the bunnies and farm life have taught me to just slow down and enjoy the moment. It'll be here soon enough. I blinked and it's super close to Easter already.

And although part of me would LOVE for it to be warmer and sunny, I really cherish the opportunity to play in the snow too. I can't imagine living anywhere without snow. You may not know this, but winter chores are actually easier for us, well, except for the actual snow storm day if we get a HUGE dump. But the bunnies love love love to eat snow and chomp on ice chunks, lick the frost and explore the baby pools filled with mounds of snow we bring in for them. Winter means less insects too which means animals are always safer, plus we aren't as worried about heat illness and ammonia. No mowing and outdoor fix it projects. It's just a different way of life at Peacebunny Cottage through winter months while we get to catch up on other things, regroup, have lots of family time at home, focus on school, and just being -- not doing. With the groundhog's annual job complete, now I guess we will leave the weather reporting to our four wether goats. I laugh so hard watching how Captain O who is in charge of the decision making process about where the group goes next and if the group wants to head outside. Captain strains his neck around the corner, then tentatively goes outside first, finds out if its chilly or raining or whatever, then somehow lets the other three know the plan. If you watch them you can see that he alone is responsible for deciding if the four should go out or should stay in their indoor barn play space. I think I can hear his telepathic weather report to the group that isn't about what's next, just a simple report of what already is.

Finnegan: LIVE from the Peacebunny Cottage wether station: today’s whether report brought to by your fearless wether weather reporter, Captain O. Captain: Thank you. Meh Meh Meh Meh! Today’s weather is cold. But sunny. Mehh. Forrest: Why thank you Captain Obvious. Mulligan: Now we all can plan the rest of our day. All the humans, please use this day to stack and restack the haybales in the barn I just knocked down.

It does my heart good to see them fly up in the air, do a sideways kicks and just bolt all around. I just sit and laugh. So today I wish you joy, whatever the weather is near you.


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