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Who is up this morning? Did anyone else watch the "quintet conjunction" this morning? If not, try tomorrow morning 30 minutes before sunrise. This is the closest they will appear to each other for 100 years, the last time they even lined up close was the year I was born 2004. I love watching the stars with Mom. Somehow stargazing grounds me and puts everything back in perspective "in the scope of the universe" of scale and time.

Tomorrow sunrise is around 530, so go out at 5 AM. Mercury is dim, right along the eastern horizon, then follow an arc to the right with Venus then the bottom of the "icecream cone" triangular bottom of Pisces, then Mars & Jupiter close by, then keep following to the right. Wedged between Cetus the whale and Aquarius and Capricorn you'll find Saturn. Five planets appearing to be in an arc in the eastern sky.

Last time they appeared this close together was December 2004 when I was 5 months old. Won't be this close again until 2041, so doubling my age and I'll be 36.

REALLY OLD, LIKE 35 When I was 11 years old and had my dream of creating Peacebunny Island, 35 years old was my "really old." I knew you needed to be 35 (really old) to run for President!! And that was my goal to create Peacebunny Island by then. Things came together a lot faster, huh? Ha. And yet I think about how old the stars are. And that we're only seeing what they looked like light-years ago! That's old.

Incredible to think about the world in another 18 years, the 2040's-- Thinking about the babies born this year in what is hopefully post-COVID. They will be graduating from high school and being close to my age. A whole generation from now. Simply incredible to think about what the world will be like then.

So as I watch the starline and dream of my life arc and the world's arc I am filled with hope. That the babies born in this time on this arc will grow up with a new appreciation for life, for connection, for family time. Because of what we've been through I'm hopeful that the children of this generation and the upcoming generation will do something good, really good. That our priorities will be more in tune with what matters. I am hopeful that as we go back to "normal" that we don't go back the same. We don't take things for granted. We don't get sucked into complacency. We don't just chug through and somehow "just make it." We thrive not survive. There's lots of healing that needs to happen, physically, emotionally, relationally. But the trajectory arc, that's what matters, not just the dot right now. It's where we are heading and what comes next on the arc, where we are heading...

Lots of things flooding in my brain today as I watched the planet parade with my bunny Roomba on my lap blanket, smelling the morning dew and feeling the chill on my skin. Birds came out to serenade. Such peace. So much to dream about. Wishing you well wherever you are -- as all of humanity has the opportunity to look up at the same starry sky at sunrise and get a visible reminder of our place and our potential. Hugs to you all.

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Go outside around 5 AM tomorrow phrazle because sunlight is at approximately 530. Dim Mercury is located directly along the eastern horizon. Venus is next, followed by the bottom of Pisces' "ice cream cone"-shaped triangle, Mars, and Jupiter in close proximity, before continuing to the right.


Thanks, I had no clue. God Bless you and all bunnies.

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