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Peacebunny Therapy Rabbit Music

I'm so thankful that Tom Bajoras is willing to share his musical gift with all of us!

(Click the video below for a sample while you read) His music is becoming the soundtrack for therapy visits as well as the backdrop for the videos we are making to share with senior & hospice centers, those diagnosed on the autism spectrum, and special needs. His music will be helping so many who are currently in isolation and needing time with a comfort animal.

Our Peacebunnies are visiting people outside windows and are playing outside in backyards and courtyards so that people can watch them, and now they will get the link to his music to play in their rooms while they enjoy the sweet hoppiness. Partnering with just one resident system alone will allow us to share joy with 25,000 seniors living in several states this weeks as it can be shown on their closed circuit TV.

To me his story is just as compelling as as his music because he says he’s written some of his best music during nights when pain kept him from sleeping. Bajoras has been playing and writing music since he was a child, and he’s found the creative process helpful during treatment for a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor (NET). “Often, I sat awake all night because of the pain, but I could still write music,” said Bajoras. “It didn't make the pain go away, but it did make the pain seem less important. A lot of times after sleeping a little in the morning I would listen to what I'd written the night before, and I was surprised by the beauty of it. It didn't sound like music written by someone in pain; it sounded like music offered as a gift to comfort someone in pain.” “The irony is I didn’t know the future before I had cancer either, but now I’m just more aware of that,” said Bajoras. “There's been a good deal of wrestling with existential questions like, ‘How much time do I have?’ and, ‘What should I do with this time?’ I've come to the conclusion that the reason I'm on this earth is to make beautiful things and to make things beautiful. Nothing else brings me as much joy. Over the last couple of years, despite the suffering, I've written some of what I think is the best music I've ever written.” He says he hopes his story will inspire cancer patients and others going through difficult times. “We all go through periods of time when it just seems impossible to find beauty,” said Bajoras. “Still, I do believe beauty can be found, or maybe it will find you.” Thank you Mr. Bojaras for letting us use your music when we visit some of the most lonely and hurting people and letting your inspirational music be our soundtrack!

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