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Preparing to Launch (Part 2)

So what does a Bunny Guardian / teen author do in his free time while getting ready to launch a book? Because publishing a book wasn't on my LIFEMAP planner a year ago and it's not like there is a class for how to do it, let's just say there's a big learning curve, a lot of excitement, and plenty of new things on my calendar in addition to the normal bunny chores and school responsibilities.

PREVENTING BURNOUT - FINDING BALANCE It feels a bit like Easter rush, but only much earlier in the year and it can't be a sprint. It will be a long distant race. My analogy is that it's like realizing you can't keep using the ATP-CP anaerobic energy cycles in short burns. I need to go ahead and moving into long distance aerobic bunny-ness. Ha. (Yeah if you don't know what that is, welcome back to high school science, also things I need to learn).

PROTECTING TIME & ENERGY MARGINS Sometimes the best and most important things came not from something formally on my calendar. I want to be sure to allow enough space around the outside of the day that I can realize a moment of serendipity when it comes, that I can take time for a providential meeting.

And that also makes sure I have time for the HURNDT projects. These are things I'll call the last minute hurry-up-right-now-do-this tasks. Things like, fix a bad link on the website. Prep content and pictures for downloadable bookmarks to be ready early for an event. Create distinct swagapalooza giveaway details. Contact winners. (FUN!) Answer emails. Record a 1 minute video for a news outlet. Make a podcast to be shared at a conference booth... New little projects that take 5-15 minutes but that means shifting something else. Glad we've created margins on our days so there is room for these unexpected things.


Book Study Guide: It's been a chore, albeit a really rewarding one, to work with pull together lessons and discussion questions for book clubs or classrooms. This has pushed me to take a deeper dive into a "narrative study." Like if I had been assigned it by my class at schools. Been integrating tips and feedback from the advance copy readers about what made them laugh, connect emotionally, ask deeper questions. It's one thing to write, it's another to hear people directly share their feedback. I'm super excited about the possibility of the book being selected for young adult book clubs -- especially when there is a chance to share bunnies that go with the story of how we got here.

Kids Storytime: We have been recording story times with people who are featured in the book. (If you're in it beware, I'm calling you soon!) We'll be posting characters in the Peacebunny Island book reading a kids book on our youtube channel. We won't have time to do this later so I'm just checking off the list and moving forward on the deliverables we want to offer.

PREVIEW NEW THINGS: It's all quite an adventure really, running a business. Here are a few new things I've been dabbling with and getting positive vibes. They may just be for this window of time, but for whatever reason they are here now and it seems to be working.

Club Speeches: Yep, I've begun dipping my toe into visiting Rotary Clubs. They have been so welcoming to me and its fun seeing their wide variety of formats. I've planned on at least two civic clubs a month which will help me hone in how to share some of the lessons from the journey and my message of gratitude, hope and big dreams. Super networking and glad to bring some hoppiness.

Virtual Bunny Visits: SO MUCH FUN! We joined Minneapolis Children's Hospital Studio 13 for an hour. Created content to be played on loop for a major senior center company. We joined a professional conferences to provide session breaks. It's rewarding to see people getting so excited and engaged and frankly, just HAPPY. Zoom fatigue is real and the bunnies just do their thing. Of course we hope to be back in the room together soon, but for now we play some calm music as the background as viewers get to see and learn about a variety of breeds. Added live Q&A to the format this past weekend for the ALA Conference (American Library Association). Love sharing a sweet positive time-out between their regular sessions. Grateful to the Indiana Music Educator Association for inviting the bunnies last week. If I'm not careful, we might make this a regular long term offering. ;-) HA

PONDERING & JOURNALING "Remember everything." That mantra is part of why we have a book to share at all. Part of our journal includes what we've created on social media or blogging, and your interactions, comments. You're part of this journey and I'm so grateful to those who have lent their expertise, their networks, their ideas to help move our programs ahead.

Need to go get ready for an afternoon Bunny Meet & Greet, so I'll sign off for now. Hope you enjoyed a little peak into our lives and I hope you have a hoppy day!

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