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RHDV2 CAUTION FLAG: Minnesota 5/31/22 UPDATE

Updated: May 31, 2022

This weekend were alerted to multiple suspected cases of RHDV2 (Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease) in domestic rabbits in Minnesota. Olmsted and Chisago Counties. (Not our rabbits)

The MN Board of Animal Health has confirmed they are INVESTIGATING the Chisago County suspected cases. No active BAH investigation in Olmsted as of 5/31 AM. This is not a confirmation of disease, only that there is an investigation underway. With so many posts on social media being shared widely, we are simply posting a caution flag.

Thanks for remaining alert, cautious and focusing on preventing the preventable. Once cases are investigated and an official report is issued, we'll share more.

Thanks for all you do to keep those bunnies safe -- wild and domestic!!


Regardless of those results, we are hosting two small drive-thru vaccine clinics with Dr. Megan Schommer (details TBA soon)

Clinic 1: Wed evening June 8 & June 29

Clinic 2: Saturday morning June 11 & July 1. More details posted soon

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