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Whatever doesn't kill you makes you crunchy...

I've determined that I'm just gonna laugh at myself and my ridiculous frozen hair and eyebrows. It's all good. I'm choosing joy. I'm so thankful for another winter at Peacebunny Cottage where the bunnies and our goats live year round. Getting there from our house is sometimes another story, and so is fighting a new battle with frozen pipes and what the means for doing daily chores. But I'm choosing joy. (I've heard that some people join the gym and need to pay money for these great workouts. HA!)

This week I just finished the first semester of my junior year in high school. We've had some periodic shifts back to computer-land but we're currently back in person again. My new school is even further away from home, but there have been several confirmations this is the right choice for this particular season. Don't ask me about next year yet... still need to just focus on what's in front of me and pick classes for next week.

Another point of closure: I have been wrapping up my final reports on RHDV2 vaccine clinics. New cases in KY and NY. The virus seems intent to make its way to the Atlantic Ocean and not going away anytime soon. But looking back at my journal from this time last year and boy -- what a different world for me. Back then there was this looming fear of "what if" and so much energy to get a vaccine and to shore up biosecurity and to lock down to prevent disease.

In September I faced that huge looming concern when the Board of Animal Health confirmed RHDV2 cases here in Minnesota and we faced quarantine with again no events for months. Then we had this huge sprint to host mass vaccination clinics.

Then boom we've had some family health challenges and loss on top of everything, but it all comes back to a matter of perspective. We pray for Markus especially this month. We pray for those who are sick all around us. We pray for what's next with the Peacebunnies this spring/summer. We pray that the farm sale works to let us stay. I just trust that God's got this. And I'm choosing joy.

So back to the super cold air of January 2022, my frozen hair, and the potential for so many good things to come. Off I go to the farm again... Full dream ahead. Even if that means I'm feeling a little crunchy. Hugs to you all -- Caleb

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