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Not going to be our Island

LAKE ISLAND UPDATE: The family foundation who owns this private island on a lake have closed the door and they are going a different direction. After months of working on the logistics, I thought we were pretty close to the finish line, but it's not going to happen here. To say I'm disappointed is a grand understatement. I was reminded that we had been praying that God would close doors if this wasn't where we were to be, or if we shouldn't keep pursuing my dream of creating a Peacebunny Island. I'm not sure of next steps, but know that it's not in this direction. UGH. So here's one final photo of the island that isn't going to be ours. Lots of tears of frustration today at first. I'm not upset at the family or the city, just at the circumstances to have felt this close and then it fell apart so fast. But somehow as I walked along the lakefront one last time today, I got a a sense of peace that we were either protected or that there is simply something better in the future. We got what we prayed for even though it's not what I thought the answer would be. Doesn't mean that I can't be sad as this door closes hard. One more photo for the books...

Hi -- I'm "Paul Harris" and I'm named after the founder of Rotary International. I'm a Giant Angora rabbit that's part of the Peacebunny Island rabbitry. I've been getting frequent haircuts until this winter because I'm currently growing out my hair until the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta this June. I've been adding a lot of weight because my fur is super thick AND long too (approximately 6 inches). Angora fur is seven times warmer than sheep wool, so it feels great to be down by the lake and having the breeze blow through my fur! Minnesota Spring is the BEST!

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