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MN Cup -- Named Semi-Finalist

As one of ten youth companies selected as Semi-Finalists for the MN Cup Entrepreneur competition, we have been quite busy this summer working to shore up our vision and plans.

Thank you to our Mentor Dan McCarvel (Venture Bank) and to those who have provided input as we created materials to be submitted.

1) 1 Minute Introduction Video (Northstar Drones rocks!!)

2) 15 Slide power point Presentation (Kudos to Ann Krzmarzick, Kris Hammond, Shanne Soulier and Stephanie Smith & the 10 entrepreneurs who gave us feedback) 3) 10 page Business Plan

We've learned a lot through this process so far with opportunities to network with the adults who are competing in their respective categories.

Three of the ten companies in the Youth Division will move on the Final Round based on the materials we all submitted yesterday August 7. The MN Cup announcement of Finalists will be on Friday August 25 with final pitches being due on September 20. The MN Finals live competition for the overall cup winners is at the University of Minnesota on Monday October 9. We have attended the last two years and it's always inspiring so we're going to attend regardless of who advances. Hope to see you there!

Good luck again to everyone competing -- This journey has introduced us to lots of AMAZING ENTREPRENEURS with GREAT IDEAS and a huge network of EXPERTS who are willing to help the new kids out. ;-)

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