• Caleb

Love to Parkland, Florida

Our hearts are heavy as we continue to pray for those who have lost so much. We are thankful to everyone who has helped provide the resources that allow us to bring our Peacebunny Unit to help comfort those who grieve. After seeing how comfort animals help in ways that humans can't, I remain committed to providing our Peacebunny unit (bunnies in wagons) to visit children's funerals and related community events when requested as long as we have volunteers who can travel to help. This was my fourth trip to support school shootings and I continue to hope and pray that this is the last one. During spring break in a few weeks we plan to return to Parkland FL with return stop in Marshall KY, and if we can make it work, a visit in Townville SC too. STEM bunnies will be visiting elementary schools in Florida and we are planning to host a Peacebunny Garden in the evenings. Everyone has their role to play and it's humbling that I get to help share hugs from the bunnies...

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