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Islands Lease

I'm giddy. We are moving forward with a family trust to lease their private islands -- yes plural--for the summer. Now that we know there WHERE, we can start to figure out the HOW.

So this is my little buddy Paxton Peacebunny, across the Mississippi River from the closest point of the island. Now our legal details -- Just fine-tuning the wording this week, but the number of words needed to edit are getting fewer. The lease amount is decided. Doing a contract for deed is super exciting, which means they won't be showing or listing it for now, and we've got the first option to buy if this is the spot for us. If not, I hope we are FAST AT FAILURE! The main details that need to be worked out: * Close launch point for canoes to get to the island * Animal permits from the city * Emergency plans * Scheduling to bring the boat up from Winona (100 miles!!) What a great way to start my summer adventure...

I do enjoy school, but I've got to say that I'm learning so much away from school too. Super excited to see things come together. I invested the money I won from the MN Cup entrepreneurship contests to buy a houseboat and a canoe, get insurance and here we go. Unbelievable to see it all lining up...

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