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SS Peacebunny

Happy Earth Day! Because of the huge snow dump and quick melt, the river is flooded, so our 43 foot Nautiline houseboat continues in dry dock in Winona, Minnesota USA. We had scheduled our river trek for this weekend, but not with the flooding... We're eager to bring the "STEAM STATION SS Peacebunny" the 100 miles up the Mississippi River to the Twin Cities. We're also eager to know WHERE we will be for the summer. The answer to the question "which came first, the island or the boat?": the boat. We signed papers and used the winnings from the entrepreneur contest to pay it. Now I just need to pay the final $1 when I pick it up.

SS Peacebunny (STEAM Station)

Still no formal agreement to rent an island yet, but we're getting closer!! Some days I think I'm a bit crazy, but I see it so clearly in my head. The vision is coming together to make the BEST SUMMER EVER!!

Check out the inside...

I'm taking the youth boat operator's safety class this month hosted by the Coast Guard Auxiliary and will get the boat inspected. Then bringing a crew with me to drive it up the river once the water level goes down enough to make it safe. I can hardly wait!!

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