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It's official: Peacebunny Island is happening!!

Today the dream of Peacebunny Island became REAL for me. We had a signing party at the lawyer's office for the summer lease. We actually have access to multiple private islands, the largest of which is 22 acres once the Mississippi River water goes down.

They are located in Newport Minnesota and both are currently flooded. One is completely submerged and the other is underwater. Sounds crazy huh?

Well it is.

Only a true visionary or a loon would buy a flooded island. Time will tell which one I am. That's why we have the pilot project for several months while I lease the island until September. We need to figure out if this model will work. Then regroup and decide if this is the best site.

But the River level will go down like it always does after the periodic flooding, and then I've got the summer to figure out if this is THE permanent site for us. All current signals say yes. Lots to think about, plans to make, things to try. But that's the adventure! It's not all pre-packaged and ready to go; we get to take a completely rustic, natural island and figure out how to make something wonderful even better.

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