• Caleb

Guess who bought an Island??

After a successful four month summer pilot for me to test my big crazy idea, the owner offered to sell my business the island. An investor with a huge heart heard my pitch and we completed the purchase! We did it! We aren't just leasing. It's official: We own the island!! All the rabbits are back to Peacebunny Cottage in a large barn with plenty of room to play. We'll use the winter to work on our boats in indoor storage and to continue planning. We have lots of adult experts working on this too --Completely different model now that it's real. It's hard to even come up with words because I'm so excited!! Minnesota weather permitting, we will bring rabbits back out on Earth Day, April 20, 2019 for the warmer months but we have lots to do between now and then. Hope you'll follow our


Peacebunny Island, Newport MN

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