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State Fair: Save the Date

The 2019 Great Minnesota Get-Together (at the Minnesota State Fair) is less than two weeks away already... one of our favorite times of the year. We are excited to be sharing our sweet rabbits again and thought we'd try a "save the date" posting if you wanted to find them this year.

Here is a general schedule of all the rabbit events through 4H and the Open Competition. Although I've been enrolled in the 4H rabbit project since 3rd grade and repeatedly earned a trip to the state fair, this is the first year I'm actually entering a rabbit and doing the full encampment so I'm very excited. I'm very thankful to everyone who is helping with farm chores while I go "play." To find me and my Angora rabbit, go to the Sheep/Poultry building at L29 on the state fair map with the "judging contest" on Thursday Aug 22 . The "showmanship" and "best of breed" contests are on Saturday Aug 24 and I will be with the Angora rabbits (small breeds) and encamped with Hennepin County. The 4H rabbits check out on Sunday at noon Aug 25. There will be additional activities that I'll post once the schedule is confirmed.

There is a break between 4H and the Open Competition with the next batch of rabbits coming in on Friday of Labor Day weekend, Aug 30. The "best of breed" competition will be Saturday Aug 31 and they don't publicize the order in advance, but it starts at 8 AM. With several breeds, we'll be busy throughout the day, showcasing some of the rabbits you've gotten to know at our STEM bunnies educational events or through social media. If you want to see how the rabbits did in competition, come Saturday evening to Monday at noon when the placings are written on their cages and hopefully we'll have rabbits return to the CHAMPIONSHIP ROW.

I think its important that the best rabbits are acknowledged, and even though I hope our bunnies win, we want the best representation of the standard to be showcased. So may the best bunnies win! And because we know so many of the breeders, it's great to just be around so many good people who really care for their animals. Every year I learn so much!!

My podcast this week will be highlighting what judges look for and making sense of the "standard of perfection" that the rabbits are measured against. Next blog will be about how I select who goes to the fair... So until the next time, have a hoppy day!!

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