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Tips for Visiting Animals at the Fair

Ideally we have a whole bunch of happy rabbits at the fair. The drawing above shows some examples of what that looks like. Help us keep them relaxed, comfortable, safe and ready for judging.


You are bringing germs from everything you have touched...and everything that everyone has touched that you touch. Keep from spreading germs from other large farm animals and people who are sick. 2) ASK PERMISSION TO TOUCH ANY FAIR ANIMAL Would you go up and pet someone's dog without asking? No. That's common sense.

The default should be "don't touch unless you talked with the owner" Respect their decision to say no. They aren't being mean.

They are there to protect their animal, get it ready for competition, AND help keep you safe. 3) JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN, DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD

If a horse sticks his nose out or the bunny's paw is near the front of the cage doesn't mean you should touch. They need to stretch out and move around. Think of touching like the pitch count in baseball. Your touch won't likely harm them but how many people came in before you and will come in after you. 4) PLEASE LET THEM REST Poking, Waking up, Trying to pose them


I know its hard --but seeing cuteness can lead to impulse decisions that have consequences. Buy rabbits from reputable sources and rescues but only after you've done your research and determined if you're a pet person, then a rabbit person, then a this-rabbit person.


If you take photos, take a photo of the exhibitor's name too. Share that with your social media too. Help other people find the rabbit you liked.

"Here's Ambrosia, an English Angora owned by Caleb Smith of Peacebunny Island" for your tag. #PeacebunnyIsland @PeacebunnyIsland


We love to see other people's pictures. If we use them we'll give you credit. Email: We're on Facebook, twitter and instagram

8) ASK QUESTIONS We love to interact with people and share about the rabbits. If you have concerns, we especially want to hear from you.

Thanks for sharing with us PeacebunnyIsland

9) DON'T BRING FOOD IN May seem redundant, but PLEASE keep yourself safe. Don't eat and interact with animals. Wash your hands before eating / drinking. I've seen people pet a sheep, adjust their straw on their beverage and take a sip, eat a handful of treats then walk in our area and go down the row touching chickens. Then they come our way. Please help our animals stay clean and safe while you stay safe.


People do what other people do. Set a good example for the young ones. Also if you see inappropriate behavior, help others be kind too.

Hope you'll come to our Bunny Garden on Sunday nights during September at the Peacebunny Cottage in Savage.

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