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Eagles on the Island??

So many people ask about the presence of eagles along the Mississippi River, and I am proud to report that two new eagles will be visiting during summer 2020.

EAGLE SCOUTS that is. It's been a super fun week as we both Jacob Johnson and I celebrated the culmination of the past 8 years of scouting. He is in Sea Scout Ship 202 and we share so many adventures together on the water, on the islands, and with the rabbits. I'm so happy for him too! Our families came from across the country and we had a room full of wonderful friends, mentors, teachers, 4H chaperones, pastors. I'm still glowing... As I said during the program, "there are many youth would would love to have JUST ONE caring adult in their life, and I realize how blessed I am. Just look around the room!" And regarding REAL eagles along the river and out by the Peacebunny Islands... Yes, there are plenty and I love seeing them! But after two summers bringing out the young comfort rabbits-in-training (we call "Kinderbunnies") out the islands, we have seen that the eagles stay away from the humans, and must find plenty of river fish to eat. Our rabbits always have bunny guardians with them when they come for their stay and it's a great natural playground.

So thanks for sharing our joy regarding Eagle and my GREAT Grandma turning 100 years old this weekend. She shared with me years ago how she hoped to celebrate her 100th birthday and to see me get Eagle. Well we both did it!! Love you grandma!

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