ABC's "Rock the Park" -- Learning about therapy animals while island hopping

After months of keeping a secret, I'm excited to share the link to the "Rock the Park" FULL VIDEO that shows the ABC TV hosts "island hopping" on the Mississippi River down to Peacebunny Island. This is our main summer site for comfort rabbits training. Our 4 month old "kinderbunnies" and rescues come from their year-round home at Peacebunny Cottage and this is their first stage in the their training to become therapy animals. I just watched the show and thought I'd answer some frequently asked questions and give you some insight behind the scenes. The link to the episode will be shared once it is made available. Thanks for watching! To ensure the sustainability of the islands and the safety of the animals & youth, the islands are not open to the public; it isn't our intention to make them a tourist destination, but we are working on a pilot program for summer 2020. To let us know you're interested in learning more about visiting us and island hopping when we're ready, fill out this form.

1) What are some of the breeds showcased?

American Chinchilla - "Chinnook" a very rare breed with 5 colors on each fur strand Harlequin - "Bandit" who stole our heart Lionhead - 2 1/2 week baby - "Darcy." Her mom "Delaney" was surrendered to us the day the unexpected litter was born. They have a mane around the face. Creme d'Argent - "Peaches" & Champagne d'Argent - "Poppy" black with silver tips Americans (red eye white, blue and black) - endangered Flemish Giant - large black doe that jumped on Colton's lap. Our Continental Giants are even bigger! French Angora - "Periwinkle" who grows 1 inch of hair every month and get gentle haircuts 2) Where are the islands? Peacebunny is the 22 acre island Mississippi River, mile mark 832 just south of St. Paul, Minnesota. Kinderbunny Island and Whiskers are the small islands where we can spend more time with our "Kinderbunnies" that are under 4 months old. Hope and Hoppiness Islands are located another mile downstream, near the Swing Bridge in Inver Grove Heights. We're currently working on a pilot program to bring guests to those two southern most islands. 3) Are the rabbits roaming free on the islands? Are the bunnies safe?

No they are closely supervised by our volunteers, coming and going with the humans. This keeps the predators away and if there are predators out there first, we just go to one of our different islands. We have several to choose from which gives us options. The eagles stay away and choose the much easier food, with plenty of fish in the river. Each rabbit has a wellness check before and after each trip as well as a daily checkup to catch any potential problems early. We're so thankful for the vet techs and vets who have chosen to help with our program as well as plenty of experts who helped us create our sustainability and risk management plan. We did several pilot tests and keep adapting based on what we are learning.

4) How does someone visit? CONTESTS: We have several contests to win a trip to the main island, but we don't envision making this a tourist destination because that could potentially harm the fragile ecosystem, and distract from our vision. If you purchase any merchandise between today and March 20, you're automatically registered. Starting then we will resume our regular contests, so check back on Tuesdays this spring and summer to find out how to win a trip. PILOT PROJECT: We're about to launch an exclusive pilot project, testing how to safely and sustainable bring visitors to go "island hopping" with us and then interacting with the rabbits on Hope and Hoppiness. Fill out the form on our site and we'll let you know details of the program as we get closer to finalizing.

5) Do you have public events to play with rabbits?

Absolutely! Especially with Easter coming up right around the corner. Check our site for event dates/times/locations. Yes we honor the new gift certificates for purchasing online. We are invited to lots of community events so we hope you'll stop by and say hi if you see us, or invite the rabbits to share your special day.

I'm so glad you're on this journey with us. Hope you'll stop by regularly now that we're moving into the Spring phase so there will be much more going on we can now share.

Have a Hoppy Day!



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