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Hope for JOURNEY 2021

Rather than looking back, I'm looking forward... Remaining hopeful that what we all learned last year will inform decisions moving forward.

Fewer mistakes. Faster fails so we don't waste time. New open doors.

More opportunities recognized. Closer relationships.

More courage to act. More dreams to pursue.

GOAL 1: COMPLETE STRATEGIC PLAN MAP By January 15 - Complete the JOURNEY 2021 full year plan with strategic actions and target dates. Putting ideas on a calendar may seem ridiculous after seeing how ineffectively that worked out last year. But failing to plan is planning to not do much of anything. So as of this morning at 8:15 AM, these goals are compass. This is what we're aiming for and we will move forward with the hard work of preparation and planning so that we'll be ready, with full hope and optimism that these windows stay open or that new ones open. The dates may change, but we need to be ready. There is a lot more detail behind the scenes but this give you a taste...

GOALS 2: UNVEIL NEW MERCHANDISE & EVENTS By February 14 - Post spring order form and event registration pages on our website GOAL 3: TRAIN VOLUNTEERS By March 1 - Begin volunteer training and preparation for Easter. Finalize logistics for the sites that will be welcoming our comfort rabbits. We have a growing list of senior centers, hospice sites and schools want to be added to our partner list. And thankfully we are hearing from people who want to be part of our team. The more we have, the more places we can go. That means scaling up our training program to make sure everyone is as prepared and engaged as they can be for their respective role: Peacebunny Cottage Crew (care of rabbits), Peacebunny Unit ( take comfort rabbits to sites), STEMbunnies Unit (take to schools and events), and Ambassadors (help share the hope & hoppiness wherever you live). Perhaps you'd like to join us?


By March 9 - Follow the launch plan from the publisher which includes lots of fun ideas to engage with you and new friends who are joining the journey. Stay tuned for details... GOAL 5: OPEN FOR SPRING & EASTER EVENTS By March 20 - Provide opportunities for online bunny visits and in person events as health policies allow. Start sending out invite dates for island visits. GOAL 6: SHARE THE HOPPINESS By June 15 - Begin taking families and small groups to the islands as we further test the model of allowing guests to be part of our the comfort rabbit training experience. That means planning visits to Kinderbunny, Peacebunny and the two smaller islands downstream we call Hope and Hoppiness. We need to honor our invitation to previous winners first, but we foresee opportunities for other to join us. If you'd like to be kept in the loop, sign up on the VISIT US page. We still do not envision the islands as a tourist destination but love the idea of sharing the hoppiness at Peacebunny Cottage and through online platforms, along with our travel units.

Caleb Smith holding Harley, a rare harlequin rabbit
Caleb and Harley

I truly believe that this will be the BEST YEAR EVER.

And knowing you're with us on the journey will help it be that way.... -- Caleb

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Nick Massa
Nick Massa
Jan 03, 2021

You are filling a gap that needs to be filled i love you for accomplishing this goal..

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