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Minnesota State Fair

Welcome from the Fair Grounds in Saint Paul. Hope you'll stop by to visit our bunnies and come to say hi to me and other volunteers. I normally love to share hugs, but thanks for sharing a smile this year. DETAILED STATE FAIR MAP PDF

1) Miracle of Birth Barn (Thursday August 26- Monday Sept 6 Open daily 9 AM-9 PM) Our rare breed babies and Mommas are on the north end between the poultry and baby goats. I will be periodically in the building but the FFA youth are great hosts, especially Wyatt H. Don't be surprised if you see me on the stage outside talking about baby bunnies between the scheduled programs -- most like the transitions -- the last 10 minutes leading up to the hour. We're rotating the litters so you'll see different rabbits depending on the day you come. Starting with Americans and Beverens today...they are already moved in.

2) 4-H Rabbit Competition in the Sheep - Poultry Barn Counties are alphabetical and we're middle of the building.

"Rose" our sweet all white English Angora in the row with HENNEPIN COUNTY (Thursday August 26-Sunday August 29 ).

She's super friendly but PLEASE do not pet her or any other rabbits in the barn. We're doing our best to prevent potential spread of human and rabbit viruses like RHDV2.

3) SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS - EVENTS CHRONOLOGICALLY * 4-H Judging Competition 8 AM Thursday August 26 in the Sheep-Poultry barn

* 15 Minute Animal Science Demonstration "GROOMING ANGORA RABBITS" 6-8 PM Thursday August 26 4-H BARN STAGE in Moo Building I'm part of a group of youth presenting, so I'm not sure on the exact time

* Rabbit Quizbowl: Battle of teams with rabbit science facts 2 PM Friday August 27 4-H Building

* Best of Breed 4H Rabbit Show 8 AM Saturday August 28 Sheep - Poultry Building

* ANIMAL SCIENCE - Zoonotics Presentation on RHDV2 rabbit hemorragic virus 4 PM Saturday August 28 Location TBA

* Open Rabbit Breeders-Livestock Competition Friday September Sept 3 - Monday Sept 6 Sheep - Poultry Building ( I have registered to bring several representatives of rare breeds including Harlequin (Bandit), Silver Fox (Loxxy), plus English Angora (Rose), French Angora, Giant Angora, Tan (Emerson)

BONUS: On display in the 4H Building & presented 6 PM Saturday Sept 5 General Project ("SELF DETERMINED")- Learn more about the Peacebunny Island book writing & book launch process.

BOOK SIGNING: We are not selling the book on site or doing a formal book signing during the fair because we're focused on the rabbits. But if you bring in your copy of the book and find me, I'd be pleased to sign it. HOPE YOU'LL COME SAY HI!

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