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Things in Motion Stay in Motion.


Looking back to when I was seven years old, there has been a lot of staying in motion since I was in Elementary School when I got my first two fish that I named Flaggada and Valentine...then my first rabbits. There have been a lot of things in motion. Some things were like dominos that naturally fell, but often it required me running and setting up more or helping to connect strands to keep things moving. Lots of carrying 40 pound feed bags. Lots of refilling water bottles.

Lots of time grooming Angoras. Lots of haybale deliveries 200 at a time. Lots of manure. Lots, of, Manure. Lots of nights putting on my church suit, grabbing business cards and running out the door to give another business pitch. Lots of hours at convention centers talking to people and answering questions. Lots of time on the computer. And so so so many wonderful people we've met along the way and time spent caring for gentle creatures that entered my life.

Lots of time staring at the ceiling and dreaming about how to do things better. Lots of paperwork and city council meetings and reading manuals and phone calls and meetings. Did I mention meetings? Lots of layers of clothes in winter, cups of hot chocolate consumed, mornings I didn't feel like doing chores but I got up anyway. I'm not complaining because those moments made me who I am and sharpened my business skills and taught me things like discipline, hard work, tenacity, character.

I was asked this week about the concept of LUCK.

Do I consider all the good things happening a matter of LUCK?? No, I don't have a deeply philosophical answer all figured out yet. But at first blush, I just don't think that everything that has come to be is because I'm "lucky." That word makes me think of opening up some crunchy cookie and then --BLOP -- I would somehow magically have all the answers, all the helpers, all the permits, all the funds. But wait -- that's clearly not what happened.

Hard work and choices have definitely played a major role in getting the business where it is. At the same time I am also acutely aware that many of my opportunities came because of things way beyond my control. Providence. Privilege. Sometimes doors closed to protect me and the business from things I couldn't foresee. At other times doors were opened that I could have never just the right time from just the right people.

Yet behind the scenes I know there were so many hours and choices and plenty of preparation that would eventually allow me to walk through doors when they cracked open. Or more accurately place a wedge in there and recruit a team to pry it open far enough for me to wiggle through to the inside. HA. Is success because of LUCK? Perhaps.

But I keep coming back to the concept that things in motion stay in motion.

Did good things happen to me because of PROVIDENCE or PRIVILEGE? All signs point to yes.

I'm reminded of a story about a boy who only had two fish and some bread. In the hands of God, those gifts were multiplied and thousands of people received what they needed. My story as a boy started with caring for my two fish...and some buns. During my reflection time was given another reminder to take care of what is entrusted and to share what I have, well, because it's not mine anyway.

Do I feel like God has BLESSED and MULTIPLIED what I've offered? Absolutely.

I am also excited to share an interview featured in the latest issue of @Points of Light’s #CivicLifeToday Magazine on social entrepreneurs and the impact we can bring to solving issues. Click to read more:

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