Ambrosia -- English Angora senior doe

Ambrosia is all moved in at the MN State Fair for 4H competition. She's in the Sheep/Poultry building in a row and spot closest to the sheep portion of the building (away from the chickens). She's in the Hennepin County section because that's my home address. I'm staying in the male dorm with 4H chaperones, so it's like a camp within the fair. Last night there was an orientation session and the written test all about biosecurity, safety of animals, show ethics and rabbit science. This morning is the Judging Competition -- Youth are judged on how well they judge animals compared to the Standard of Perfection.

I'll be by Ambrosia 1-3 PM today -- well that's the plan anyway. Hope you'll stop by and see her even if I'm not there. Hope you'll sign the guest book I'm creating. :-)

CONTESTS If you haven't already entered, this week's contest to win a trip to the island is to send an email with your guess: What is Oreo's favorite snack? You can also win cool Peacebunny Island swag by participating in the naming contest for two American White rabbits I'm bringing to the fair next weekend. See the contest link for details.

Have a hoppy day!

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